Homeowner FAQ

Let’s start with the question that matters the most to everyone. How much does Planned Projects cost?
Planned Projects is free to submit your projects and free to browse. There is zero obligation to submit your projects, but it only works better if you do!
Since each project is different, our fee will vary, but it is so minimal that it still means you’re saving hundreds (or thousands).
As a value add to you and the contractor, we act as a neutral, non-biased arbitrator in cases of conflict, saving you stress.

Homeowners can submit their home renovation projects for absolutely zero cost. It’s 100% free to submit your projects.

The only time you have to pay us is when we are ready to go to tender, so that you secure your spot. We ask for the payment, so contractors know the projects are verified.

In its simplest form, we consolidate similar home renovation projects within a relatively small, defined area in the same neighborhood, then take them to tender. During the tender process, we use a point-based system to determine the successful proponent.

The highest bid will not always win. This would be a direct conflict of interest. In order to level the playing field, we use a mathematical point-based algorithm to determine the successful proponent by weighting the tender sections. For example, the pricing section will never be worth more than 40 out of 100 points. The tender is made up of several sections, each with their own weight, or value, and for each type of work, the values may change. Staying true to our values, we are not in the business of ravaging our clients to make a quick buck. We want to add value to people’s lives and to their property.

Planned Projects is 100% anonymous. No one will ever know which project belongs to which house or person from the Project Results page.

We value your time, and we value your inbox…just as we do ours. Once you submit your project, you will only ever receive email correspondence about that specific project when we are ready to go to tender.

Plus, we will never sell or give away your personal information.

Until we are ready to go to tender, there is absolutely zero obligation for you.

If we get to the time where you want to start your project, and we haven’t found any more similar projects in your area, you can definitely go ahead on your own, or you could have us do a single tender for your project.