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About Planned Projects

Consolidating home renovations in your neighborhood to save you time and money

Planned Projects is an intermediary between Winnipeg homeowners and Winnipeg home renovation contractors. We consolidate similar home renovation projects within a defined area in a neighborhood, and then take those projects to tender. By consolidating the projects, we are able to negotiate a better price, but more importantly a better service for you.

Saving you Time

Our tenders are open to every home renovation company in Winnipeg. We do the due diligence. Plus, we organize the on-site meetings, so that every company gets a chance to visit the work site and ask questions directly to the homeowner. This happens all at one time, so it saves the companies a lot of time, as well as you not having to wait for three different contractors to show up at three different times on three different days.

Saving you Money

Since contractors are able to consolidate numerous jobs in one small, defined area, they can save money on each job logistically, materialistically, and through manpower. These savings are passed on to you, the homeowner. We actively work with contractors to help them save money on every job, while never compromising quality.

Saving you Stress

On every job, something can go wrong. Sometimes it’s the contractor’s fault; sometimes it’s the homeowner; sometimes no one is at fault. Whatever the case, we act as a third-party neutral party in making sure any problems get resolved.

Free to Use, No Obligations

The best part about Planned Projects is that it benefits both the homeowner and the home reno contractor. Homeowners submit projects for free, browse projects for free, and get discounts on home renos. Contractors respond to project tenders for free, because the whole point of this is to make it less costly for them to work, and for the homeowner to reap the cost-savings benefits!

Totally Private

Your private information, such as name and address will never show up in the project search results. We take your privacy very seriously.

Ready to submit your home renovation project?

Planned Projects works at its best when you submit what home renovation projects. Don’t worry if they’re far off in the future or only a few weeks away. We want to know about your project if you want it done in three weeks or next year.

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