Increase your purchasing power by consolidating similar projects in a defined area, getting a better price for the same (or even better) quality of services.

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  • Step 1: Use the form to search for projects in your area
  • Step 2: Submit your project for free
  • Step 3: Gather similar projects with your neighbors
  • Step 4: Save hundreds (or thousands) on your next home renovation

Remember: The more projects you and your neighbors submit, the better Planned Projects works for you!

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Homeowner Benefits

Apart from saving hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on your home renovation, here are a few other benefits for homeowners

Free to Submit Project

  • Completely free to submit your project
  • Only pay when project consolidation is reached to secure your spot in the tender

Zero Obligation

  • No commitment until we  go to tender
  • Submit your project and get neighbors on board (more projects = more savings)

Less Work For You

  • Have the contractors come to you instead of you searching out contractors
  • A single site visit for all contractors

Conflict Resolution

  • We act as a neutral, 3rd party arbitrator in case of conflict

Saving You Time

  • Our streamlined process means you save hours

Totally Anonymous

  • No personal information will not show up in project search results

Contractor Benefits

Project cost efficiencies, coupled with multiple projects within a defined area, allow for group pricing while still making a profit.

Project Cost Savings

  • Buying bulk materials means getting more for less
  • Consolidating materials, manpower, travel to and from work sites

Streamlined Production

  • Having multiple projects in a defined area at the same time means getting more done with the same (or less) amount of manpower

Less Work For You

  • Cut down the amount of time wasted going from quote to quote to quote all over the city
  • A single site visit for all contractors

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